Bournemouth Blogging will never be the same again…..Keep reading about this famous club

Welcome to my blog, My name is Joshua Hoare. I am twenty years old and I am currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Staffordshire University. The purpose of this blog is inform, educate and entertain yes YOU….about AFC Bournemouth, AKA the Cherries. I hope you enjoy it.

I was born in Poole in 1989 and of course I have followed my beloved Bournemouth from an early age. As all football fans can relate to, I remember my first visit to the than Dean Court, now (Fitness First Stadium) for a late August ‘Worthington Cup’ tie,yes how the league cup has changed, against Norwich City, we lost 2-1 with Chukki Eribbenne scoring, Norwich legend Daryl Russel got both for the Canaries.

Since than I have travelled across the UK supporting the Cherries and have seen some raw yet talented players come and go, and of course go onto bigger and better things. This blog is dedicated to my love of Bournemouth and the players past and present.

I would like to share with you my favourite moments, and I hope you can relate to them in your own way, for whoever you support, football is about opinion and that is precisely what I am intending to provide with this blog.

Enjoy and have fun, remember ITS only a GAME! 🙂

Coming this month – March 2010

——— Special feature on famous names to grace the Bournemouth shirt past and present

——— 1984: Bournemouth 2-0 Manchester United, Where is the side now?

——— Eddie Howe: Genius at work? What the boss really thinks of the Football League

——— Previews and Reviews of every Cherry game till the end of the season

——— and Finally, a tribute to Harry Redknapp, who turned 63 on 2nd March Happy Birthday ‘Arry’


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