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A warm welcome…..

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Howe watches on at ProStar Stadium (Shrewsbury)

A warm welcome to the biggest and best blog on the net, dedicated to Bournemouth Football Club.

Nicknamed the Cherries, the South coast club boast the youngest manager in the football league in Eddie Howe, And the former Cherries defender has not only steadied the ship, but has brought prosperity back to Dean Court, as the side sit 2nd in League Two after a terrific season so far…..

I am Joshua Hoare, lifelong Cherries fan, I am 20 years old, and a Broadcast Journalism student at Staffordshire University, all I want to say is enjoy the blog, if your a Bournemouth fan than great, if not, well you might just learn something about how football should be played. Enjoy and Take it easy!

Despite a disappointing defeat to play off hopefuls Shrewsbury on Saturday, I can take some positives out of the match, firstly King Eddie had only 12 fit professionals for the game, ridiculous I know, the club is literally being run on a shoe string.

Howe’s desperation for players even lead him to take drastic action on the day of the game, requesting to bring a player in, only for our good ‘friends’ the Football league to bemoan the medical paperwork wasn’t in time!

The squad is paperthin as it is with just a measly 17 first team players available, the inevitability of losing one or two in the summer still lingers too, Derby’s reported interest in Brett Pittman seems to never go away despite what Nigel Clough says.  Poor lad, why would he want to go there and play with that clown Robbie Savage?

The problem with our club, like many others, not to mention Portsmouth, is finances have not been looked after and with the prospect of a winding up order at the end of month from the taxman, it continues to be a constant thorn in everyone’s mind.

Ex-Chelsea trainee Warren Cummings fills in at centre half on Saturday

However despite all this, expectation has certainly been raised through Howe’s incredible season, if anything he deserves all the accolades for guiding a troubled club to the highs of League Two, who knows what he can achieve?

And if Man City ever get bored of Roberto Mancini (which they will) wouldn’t it be nice to see a premiership chairman take a punt on a manager that has really had to manage a football club from top to bottom, with no budget and at times even doing it all for nothing! –

Thats all for Today, enjoy the Blog and keep following the Cherries…….WE ARE GOING UP….!